I Tried Reading 100 Books in a Year. Here’s What I Learned…

It all began one night late in December 2018, during that lull between Christmas and New Year. I was sat on the sofa, flicking idly through the Goodreads app, when I first noticed how little I’d been reading

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A Visit to Aldwych Station

I love History. I love it so much, that it requires a conscious effort to read or watch things that aren’t historical in some way. A symptom, I suspect, of having spent four years studying for two History degrees and living almost entirely in the past in that time. It is impossible to spend any…

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Recipe: Marmite Bread

This is an adaptation of a recipe I stumbled across on Jack Monroe’s Instagram a few months ago. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since, and now make at least one loaf a week. Over time, I’ve made my own adjustments to it and, when my parents came down to visit recently, passed the version…

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Notes from a Survivor: V

‘Why?’ This is the single, unanswered question that has followed me since the night I was raped. It is the question that was screaming through my mind as it was happening, and as I was thinking how I could get away whilst minimising harm to myself. It is a question that will never be answered…

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Small Things: #6

Well, it has been quite some time since my last Small Things post: over two years, in fact. There was no conscious decision to stop writing about the little things I took joy in, day to day, but rather that the impact of my attack was so severe that I was unable to do that…

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