New Beginnings…

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post, which was meant to happen. During the time I’ve been away, my life has changed drastically as I’ve been offered a full time job in Central London. Since then I’ve had to act very quickly to get all the paperwork done, find a place to live down in London and pack up my life possessions to move out of my parents home for good. Although I’ve moved out several times before whilst to-ing and fro-ing from University, this time my move out is permanent and everything feels so much more final as a result. I can safely say that the emotional and physical stress of moving to take up my first ‘real job’ has been utterly draining and that’s why I’ve been unable post for so long.

I’m moving down on the 12th July, so this is my last weekend at home. Over the course of these last two days I have packed umpteen boxes and enjoyed Mum’s roast dinner and Dad’s barbecue for the last time in who knows how long. I’ve also spent quality time playing with, photographing and paying attention to my huge lovely cats. I think, out of everything, leaving them behind will be the hardest thing for me. I’m not sure how I’ll adjust to living without cats around. Although I spend weeks away at University without them, it was always in the knowledge I could travel back to see them any time. With a 40 hour working week and limited holidays, that won’t be so easy any more and I’m racked with fear that something might happen to the cats and I won’t be around. 

It’s been equally challenge sorting through all of my things; deciding what should be thrown away, what will stay with my parents and what should come to London. This time consuming and exhausting task has been tough, as it’s revealed things with deep emotional ties and resurrected a lot of memories. 

All in all, it’s quite a tough time and I’m very busy trying to ensure I’ve done/sorted/signed everything so that the next two weeks will run as smooth as possible. 

Despite the constant demands on my time, I’ve managed to slot in some craft work and have finished a very longstanding WIP (work in progress)….

These Basketweave socks were cast on waaaaaaaayy back in the summer of 2013. I suffered a serious case of SSS (second sock syndrome) and they were banished to the bottom of my knitting bag for over a year. When I picked them back up while away on holiday a few weeks ago, it had been so long that I cast on a size down. After completing the leg, I realised my mistake and had to frog back to start the ill-fated second sock for a second time. Now that I’ve finished them, I don’t think they’re all that bad (although the light in these pictures is: sorry, I took them in a hurry!!)

image from

image from

I also finished a sweater, which I’ll be showing off later in the week when I can devote some time to photography that will do it justice. On Wednesday, I’ll also be showing off the cardigan I cast on last week: I am completely in love with both the pattern and yarn I’ve chosen!

Unfortunately – with the horrible humid hot weather in the UK and the packing I’ve been doing – I’ve not spent much time in the kitchen. 

These homemade Raspberry Marshmallows are probable the full sum of my cooking:

image from

Predominantly, I’ve been subsiding on hastily assembled salads and whatever my mother has chosen to cook. In between, I made a couple of portions of paella but beyond that, I just haven’t had time. One of the main things I’m looking forward to when I move into my new flat, is being able to cook what I want when I want. This isn’t really possible with a father as grumpy as mine, and a to-do list that falls from hand to floor. 

I’ll be sure to pop back in this week to showcase my WIPs and maybe add another recipe. Until then, I’m off to spend the remainder of my rare piece of quiet time with a cup of tea and a freshly baked cupcake as I do some more work on my cardigan :-). 


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