WIP Wednesday: Routine

Happy hump day. Or not, as the case may be. 

It seems to be getting colder each day here in London, so I am still firmly in hibernation mode. Things at work are still manic, and I'm still suffering from severe fatigue due to anaemia, so it really doesn't bother me at all that my nights are being spent with Netflix and my knitting or a duvet and a book. I do really miss my Diet Coke though, and I may have caved into some cans that I had leftover last weekend. That could explain why I feel so bad now. Oops…

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In my reading this week, I've moved away from Historical fiction for the time being. One of the major downsides to having lived in academia for the last four years, is that I find it very difficult to read fiction these days. That is why, if I read any, it's usually historical. I'm so used to living in the past that I cannot seem to pull myself out. I won't lie: I love reading non-fiction, particularly if it's historical, political or biographical. I think this is why I was able to study so effectively –  I actually enjoyed it.  

My choice for non-fiction naturally orientates towards British, European and American political history. Although I focused largely on nineteenth and twentieth British history whilst at University, I've got a definite predilection for 1960s America. At the moment, I'm back in – this recurs every few months, at least – what I call a 'Kennedy stage': I'm determined to finish Laurence Leamer's biographies, which you can see in the picture above. The third book, the RFK one is mainly there because, despite the small obstacle of his being dead, I have a huge crush on RFK. Truth be told, I wouldn't pass up JFK either so take me back to '58! (insert growl here).

After finishing the the in this pile, I'm fairly sure that I'll move onto Robert Caro's epic four volume biography of Lyndon Johnson which has been hanging around on my bookshelf since the first year of my undergraduate degree. As I've run out of bookshelf space – my books are mainly stored at my parents house – Caro has become a particularly distinct trip hazard near my bed. This is somewhat ironic if you know anything about LBJ really…

So what about my knitting?

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I'm nearly done with the Crackle Socks for Jackie. "About time!" I hear her say.

Right now, I'm about two pattern repeats away from the toe and hoping to finish it by the weekend.  Then all I need to do is wash, block and photograph them before posting them off to her. I must say, however fiddly the pattern is compared to plain socks, the repeats make it very easy to ensure both socks are exactly the same without row counting.

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image from farm2.staticflickr.com

What will I do when this pair is done?

Weeeeeell, I may have had a couple of accidental sock yarn splurges that I now feel terrible guilty for and so feel compelled to cast on more socks. 

At some point, I will take photographs of my sock yarn stash to show you exactly why I don't need more. It's out of control. I justify this with the following excuses: a) that I need plenty of different colours to add into my Sock Yarn blanket; b) It's winter and; c) I'll always need socks so it's a sound investment.

It really didn't help that this yarn was on sale either. It was alone. It was calling to me….

The top two balls are Regia Arne & Carlos in shade 03653 (Star Night Colour). The bottom two balls are Regia 4 Ply again in 06616 (Ultra Violet) – I got these 100g balls for £3 each in the John Lewis sale, which was a real bargain!

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Will these be socks? I don't know. I have three other unfinished pairs that I need to finish first, but my office is so cold that fingerless gloves/armwarmers are a serious possibility right now. But, thinking about it, there's a winter cardigan I need to finish too. Oh I don't know! I think I suffer from too having many books, too much yarn and not enough time…. 

What would you do? 

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