Small Things: #3

This Small Things post is still all about staying cosy and comfortable at home. Over the weekend, quite a few areas of UK saw snowfall and there has been a drastic drop in temperature that everyone seems to be feeling.Where I live, in SW London, we escaped anything settling. There were a few flakes on the roofs but nothing on the ground. I’m both grateful – because I have to walk to work each day – and annoyed because, at heart, the sight of snow still excites me as if I were a young child still.

There is one distinct change that will start to show in my future posts though; I’ve been tweaking my eating since the New Year came in. More veggies are now being included in my diet, fewer starchy carbs, less sugar and I’ve excluded processed foods. So far, I’m finding that this approach is working. Since 1st January I’ve lost 5lbs. I’ve included a few shots of the kinds of meals I’ve been eating recently in this week’s collages. Never fear, though; I intend to keep posting a regular food doses of the less healthy variety (everything in balance). My new eating philosophy is geared more towards knowing what I’m eating and not eating anything that contains artificial ingredients I can’t pronounce the names of. So, cake? Yeah, I’ll still eat the odd bit cake providing I know what has gone into it.


  1. To help inspire my dietary changes, I’ve been flicking through the cookbooks I acquired for Christmas: Simply Nigella, Mr Todiwala’s Bombay, Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights (technically not new), Hemsley & Hemsley, Comfort Food and Everyday Superfood by Jamie Oliver. | 2. Apple & Cinnamon porridge is one of my favourite everyday breakfasts this winter. Yum! | 3. The winter sky over SW London as I prepared to leave for work earlier this week. | 4. Because I’m weird about eating cheese, I’d never really tried Halloumi until a friend cooked some and insisted I taste it. It’s awesome – probably my favourite cheese! | 5. I gave into the purchase of discount sock yarn. Sigh. | 6. Doing Saturday brunch properly: with fresh blueberry pancakes & lashings of maple syrup. Nom.


7. Earlier this week, I picked up this tablet cushion stand . It’s so useful for watching Netflix in bed and you can even get smaller ones for Kindles. | 8. Who says steak can’t be healthy? I’ve received Doctors orders to eat more red meat. steak + salad = Perfection. | 9. Getting stuck into latest non-fiction obsession: The Kennedy family (more recommendations welcome). | 10. One of the hardest parts of cutting our processed foods, was realising I’d have to cut out Old El Paso Fajita Spice Mix. Thankfully, I made my own replication & it’s divine. Recipe coming soon. | 11. I finally finished the socks I’ve been knitting for my cousin since November. Just have to post them now. | 12. Wow, my French Onion soup recipe was popular. It’s received the most views of all my blog posts to date. I hope you enjoy it!

Sorry for the delay in posting this latest edition of Small Things. As well as dealing with the cut finger, my landlord announced her intention to visit my apartment this week so my evenings have been spent tidying and deep cleaning in anticipation of that. Thankfully, my finger is now healing nicely and I can now use my finger properly. For my last blog post, I was typing minus one finger and it really affected my typing speed. Although I could still knit, I periodically knocked my then-still sore finger so sort of gave up with it. Not a lot of progress has been made I’m afraid to say….

What have you been up to over the last week?

I’m having drinks with friends this evening; it’s the first time I’ve been out midweek since way before Christmas. Aren’t I a wild one?



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