WIP Wednesday: The American Dream

Wow, three days into February already – I only noticed the date today!

Somewhat predictably, I'm already quite behind in my annual reading challenge and have so far only read two books (I'm aiming for 75 this year). Although I'm really cross with myself over this, I can't exactly say I've been feeling myself. My Doctor today confirmed what I've know for weeks; I'm quite severely anaemic, which would explain why I've been feeling generally tired and unwell recently.

In all honesty, I've been muddling along with a bit of a haze over my brain, and after a full days work, I've not been capable of focusing on my usual in-depth tomes of non-fiction. Knitting, however, has been a different matter; I've been doing socks that require very little active thought. 

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To try and 'jump start' my energy for reading, I've bought another two books to plough through. The top two in this picture. I'm afraid to say that the bottom two have been on my 'to read' list for weeks. I'm currently reading 'The Kennedy Men', and I hope to finish that this weekend if I'm up to it.

Iron tablets, unfortunately, take quite a while to kick in. Because I'm chronically anaemic, it's very hard for me to tell when I'm better because all I know is varying degrees of feeling tired and rundown. I'm waiting for more tests to establish why I've had this condition for nearly ten years solid and to see if there's a medical reason for it. It's not much fun being me right now, I have to say.

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I've mentioned before that American History – particularly the presidential element of the 20th century – is one of my favourite genres of non-fiction. I'm very much attached to the 1960s, and I'm aching to finish the Laurence Leamer book on the Kennedys so that I can dive into Robert Caro's biography of Lyndon Johnson. I have all four volumes on my bookshelf that collectively amount to thousands of pages. Pedant that I am, I'm not allowing myself to touch this until I feel I've completed my recent journey through the Kennedy's. Chronology is important, y'know?

(NB – Reading historical/political works in a chronological order may only matter if you've been trained as a Historian. Cambridge University is responsible for a very large stick being up my arse in relation to academic issues and reading procedures. I'm not ready to remove that yet. Take me back, dreaming spires.)

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 As I said, my knitting hasn't really been affected by my feeling lousy. I'm now about 70% of the way through the second Neon Beach sock. A couple of more inches and I'll be onto the toe. If things all go to plan (i.e. I work on it in my lunch hour) I should have this done by the weekend.

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Oh, and the cardigan I showed you yesterday? I had to rip out the progress I made on the body, as I spotted an error. Didn't I say I've got brain fog?

It's now back to the ribbing section and I've got 13.5 inches to knit plain before putting the pockets it. Another mindless knitting assignment, which is probably just as well for someone who is struggling to consistently think about things other than the next time I'll be able to sleep. (P.S – I'm back on the Diet Coke. It's the only way I've been managing at work. One step at at time: cure the anaemia first, then quit caffeine)

I hope you're all feeling better than I am.

What are you knitting/reading today? 


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