WIP Wednesday: Coming Along

Why is it that things never go to plan? I fully intended to have read at least two books since last week. But here we are, another week and  my reading is (still) behind and, once again, knitting progress has been quite considerable…

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This week I've been reading dipping in and out of 'The Kennedy Men' by Laurence Leamer and 'The Presidents Club' by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy. My reading opportunities have largely consisted of when I'm in the bath or when I'm sat on the Tube. For the moment, with my health still down, I'm good with this. Nevertheless, I really got stuck into 'The Presidents Club' whilst I was having my Sunday afternoon soak and I'm really looking forward to an opportunity where I can polish it off – undisturbed – in one sitting. Maybe one day this weekend?

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On the knitting front, I'm sure you will see that the length of my cardigan has grown quite considerably since last week! 

Because I'm quite tall, I added in a fair bit of extra length to accommodate that and cover my bottom/hips. As you can see, I've now put in the pockets and I'm right about to start the circular cabling that runs around the bottom of the cardigan right above the ribbing. 

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The neckline of this garment is really quite unusual and it was knitted up in quite an unusual way. I'm very conscious of it whilst I'm knitting. Even though I know I've followed the pattern (Chance of Snow) correctly, because it doesn't lie flat in the same way that the neckline would for most cardigans, I'm worried it's not going to look or feel good when finished. We'll see, I guess? 

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I decided to include pockets, mainly because I'm always losing my mobile phone/keycard for work/pens and I find that pockets prevent the regularity of my misplacements. I'll be going back to finish these when the rest of the cardigan is finished. 

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Oh, did you expect to see some socks? 

Well, I can't believe I'm saying this but I've pretty much left them alone this week. Although I'm at the point where there's just the toe of the second sock left to knit, these really could have been finished off much sooner if I'd actually worked on them during my lunch breaks as I intended. They've been to work with me every day but have stayed in my bag for the most part. My goal before this weekend is to get that toe finished. I need to finish a whole other pair for my mother (whose birthday is the 19th February), so if that's not motivation I don't know what is!

Let's not focus too much fact I've still got no idea what pattern/yarn to use for her birthday socks. I'm so indecisive!

How do you all balance your various project demands and ensure you get them finished on time?



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