Ta Dah! Mum’s Birthday Socks

That challenge I spoke about last week? Of knitting a pair of socks in under a week?

I did it.


Well, sort of.

Mum got them the morning after her birthday, but considering we spent that day at a funeral, I don’t think she minded too much that they were twelve or so hours late.

Personally, I’m quite impressed with this because, as she will tell you, every other pair of Christmas/Birthday socks I’ve made her have tended to be several weeks late on account of my University work. Now that’s no longer an issue, meeting knitting deadlines is much easier!


Does the pattern seem familiar to you? That might be because it’s an appropriation of the incredibly popular Vanilla Latte Socks pattern. The differences being that I knitted these from the toe-up rather than top down.

The yarn is Trailing Clouds Nimbus Self-Striping Sock yarn in ‘Carmen’, and has been hanging round my stash since last year. although I’ve knitted with this yarn before (in Gloria’s infamous ‘Mind the Gap’ colourway), I was a little disappointed by how uneven some of the stripes were on this pair. But you can’t have it all, I suppose. Mum is happy with them, and the colourway is great, so I guess I should get over that niggling little detail…


As well as having the distinction of being the pair of socks that it’s taken me the least time to knit up, these socks are also significant for my first attempt at an Afterthought heel. Although I’ve knitted countless pairs of striped socks previously (see here), I’ve always stuck with my faithful french heel for top-down pairs and the gusset heel for toe-ups.

Let’s just say I’m converted now: for future stripey pairs, it’s the Afterthought heel or nothing.

As you might see, there’s a smidgen of pink at the bottom of the heel on this pair. I should really have stopped decreasing two rows beforehand, to leave enough black yarn to graft with. But, que sera?


Anyway, let’s keep it real: I knitted a pair of socks, in under a week, despite holding down a full time (40 hr p/w) job.

I think that’s pretty good going.

I’d love to know – what is your ‘best time’ for knitting a pair of socks?



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