Ta Dah! Little Hoodlum #2

Wow. It feels good to stop and sit down here for a breather. Life has become unexpectedly hectic over the last two weeks, as I’ve forced myself out of my usual comfort zone to start dating and explore more social interactions. It’s been great fun, but with work and general day-to-day tasks as well, I’ve barely had time to pick up my knitting let alone contemplate writing a blog post. I’m lucky today though, I have the whole week off work and I do have a little something to show you.

It’s not very exciting, but as I mentioned in my last post, my colleague fell in love with the Little Hoodlum I made for my cousin’s newborn and asked me to knit a similar one for her friend’s baby son.

Which I did…

Little Hoodlum #2

I absolutely adore the colour combination on this one. As with my first Hoodlum, the yarn is from Sarah at Babylonglegs and is 100% pure wool Radiance Aran. The colourway is rather appropriately named ‘Fire in the Sky’. For the trim, I used some leftover Cascade 220 and it’s really made the whole thing ‘POP!’.

When I first cast this on and showed it to my colleague, she said the combination of colours made her think of magic and I have to agree. It’s stunning.

As this garment was for a slightly older baby, I made the 6-9 month size but I think it may last for a bit longer than that. Although the hoodie is for a little boy, I think it’s gender neutral and my colleague agreed.

As I’ve mentioned before, gendering babies/children with certain colours really irritates me. Where children are concerned, I think bright colours are always best and that there should be no gender determined rules. Young children love bright things, and I always feel a little bit sad when I see energetic little things dolled up in boring neutral or subdued colours.

Just look at how saturated in colour that yarn is.  And trust me, it feels as squishy and soft as it looks.

As much I loved this pattern, after knitting two of the same in under two weeks, I think I’ll be laying off making another one for a little while. I’m very pleased to say that my colleague was thrilled with the finished hoodie. In a very sweet gesture, she even bought me a huge pile of my favourite Green & Black’s chocolate to say thank you and has said she’ll try to get some pictures of the recipient wearing his new sweater.


So, what am I doing for the rest of this week?

Well craft wise I’m working on finishing my Chance of Snow cardigan. I’ve finished one sleeve and am about to finish the second. All that is left to do after that are the pockets. I’m hoping to finish it by Wednesday, as this is when I’ll be travelling up to Lincolnshire to spend Easter with my parents.

I’ll show you how I’m getting on with that, and a couple of other things, on Wednesday.

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