Ta Dah! Chance of Snow Cardigan

Although I’ve been knitting for as long as I remember, adult garments are a type of project I rarely embark on. There are two reasons for this: 1) I’ve always been a bit nervous about fit and; 2) I really, really hate the tedium of sewing things together. I can, therefore, count the number of adult sized sweaters/cardigans I’ve made on my hands. A couple of years ago, however, I came across seamless designs:  garments made without seams, meaning very little sewing is involved.

The cardigan you can see below was knitted, by large, “all in one”. The only stitching was on the pockets & general weaving in between yarn skeins.  I am thrilled with the result!

Chance of Snow Cardigan


The pattern I used is called Chance of Snow. It was written by the very talented Elena Nodel, who specialises in designing beautiful seamless garments for women and children. Last summer, I knitted up her Capricious cardigan (which is also gorgeous..) and in the process of flicking through her designs on Ravelry, I chanced a look at Chance of Snow.  As soon as I came across it, I just knew I had to make it. I am, if truth be told, nearly always wearing some form of slouchy cardigan.

I’m still in love with the eye-catching cabling across the bottom….


…. even if it took over a week to finish it!

The shoulder cabling also provides such a unique contrast against the twisted ribbing. In the pattern, Elena provides the option to use plain ribbing instead but I went for twisted (knitting through the back loop) because of the extra definition it provides.


Looking over the finished garment, I stand by that decision. The stitches look so crisp and even.


All in all, it took me six months to knit this cardigan from start to finish. I wasn’t working on it constantly, else I’m sure I could have finished it much sooner. Being the impatient beast that I am, however, I completed many small items (cough socks) in that time too. As much as I love the effect that given by the yarn I used  – Cascade Ecological Wool in shade 8016 – it is very neutral, and I’ve said many times that I’m drawn inexplicably to bright colours.

It’s also worth mentioning, as it’s not completely clear from the photos, that I’m quite tall (5ft 7+) and had to add in a considerable amount of extra length to the hem/sleeves. Thankfully, Elena’s patterns are wonderfully well written and there’s plenty of provision and gentle reminders for knitters who need to make such adaptations.


Since finishing it on Sunday, I’ve worn it almost constantly and it’s received a lot of lovely compliments from my friends and colleagues. I can tell it’s going to become a firm staple in my wardrobe.

I might just have to consider making another one…


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