Christmas is Coming – so the Wanderer returns…

I’m back and (finally) fully recovered from my long-awaited tonsillectomy.

Just in time too, because look what has arrived in time for Advent….


Opal Advent Calendar

I missed out on one last Christmas, so I was positively determined to get one this year…

This is the Opal Sock Yarn Advent Calendar. Each day, during Advent, I will get to open a door to reveal a different, random 15g mini skein of Opal’s famous sock yarn. Over 24 days, it will provide enough yarn to make at least three pairs of scrappy socks or lots of mitred squares for a sock yarn blanket.

Unfortunately, they seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere now – hardly surprising, as it’s December on Thursday –  but if you’d like to see what yarn I get, and my progress with it, keep an eye on my Instagram ans stay tuned for some Advent socks progress posts.

At the moment, I am intending to knit with a new ball each day and then put whatever is left into my scrap box for inclusion in my sock yarn blanket. Of course, this is all dependent on my keeping up with my Christmas knitting… and in case you can’t guess, I am not quite there with that.

Although I’ve just finished the below pair of gloves for my boyfriend, I’ve still got to knit a pair of socks for him….


I’m almost done with these festive themed socks for my Mum too, but I also need to find time to finish a Cinderella doll for my niece and knit a pair of socks for my sister.


At least if I don’t get everything finished until Christmas Eve, I’ve got the excuse that I have been recovering from surgery so couldn’t realistically have started my Christmas knitting any earlier. Well, I would have that excuse if I hadn’t spent the two weeks I had off work finishing the Christmas jumper I started last October.

Yeah. I am not optimistic about my chances of successful Advent socks!!



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