Yarn Along: O Come All Ye Faithful

Of all the weeks in the year, this must be the worst one in which to become hooked into a book…


Last weekend, after much longing, I treated myself to a new Kindle: the Kindle Voyage.  Whilst I was setting it up, I had the chance to review all of the eBooks that have been stored on my older Kindle and which I’d not yet had the chance to read. One in particular caught my eye: The Complete Sherlock Holmes. Given the new series of Sherlock is starting in January, I thought it was an excellent choice for my latest read. What I wasn’t expecting, was that they would be so eminently readable. I guess I should have seen that part coming, given their widespread popularity. Arthur Conan Doyle really is an incredible author; I’m mad with myself for taking so many years to bury myself in his stories.

The downside to becoming so engrossed? My last pair of Christmas gift socks are still ongoing, and I have two days to finish them. Thankfully, there is less than one sock left to knit now so it’s more than possible for me to finish them in time for Christmas Day. Whether they will get blocked before being wrapped, however, is a completely different matter….

Still, keep the faith eh?


The sock yarn I’m using is Opal Happy with Silbereffekt in the shade ‘9095 Musica’. Unfortunately, I cannot find it in stock anywhere at the moment, but it is likely to be available on Ravelry or eBay. I love seeing the little thread of silver running through as I’m knitting, and as ever, Opal sock yarn is fabulous.

How is your Christmas knitting going? I’d love to hear any book recommendations you might have, as I’m hoping to use the six days I have off work to absorb myself in the reading I’ve very much neglected this year and put my new Kindle to good use.


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