Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! How has your day been?

I’m spending Christmas with my parents, who have my sister and her family over to stay as well. With two kids, aged 3 and 6 in the house, as you can probably imagine our day started pretty early..

Bucks Fizz

After being wrenched from my bed before 7am, I started as I meant to go on: with a few glasses of Bucks Fizz for breakfast and a hot bath with a festive Father Christmas bath bomb….

Santa Bath Bomb


I popped on the socks I started knitting on Christmas Day last year, and was pleased to see my Mother and Aunt also wearing the socks I gifted them.

Christmas Socks


Although most of the wrapping related carnage was dealt with in the morning, we had little gifts on our place settings for dinner along with a small army of crackers that the kids dove into… 



Much to my annoyance, my Dad detests Turkey (I know, I know…) so we had a large Capon and  Beef Rib for lunch between ten of us.



I opted for the Capon, with lots of Pigs in Blankets and Stuffing. Standard.

Pigs in Blankets


I don’t mind admitting that my eyes were much bigger than my belly and I didn’t manage to clear this plate. The canapés that had been floating around all morning probably had quite a lot to do with that. Oops.


Although you can seen sprouts on my plate above, I am NOT a huge fan of them and this is mainly due to the fact my Mother overcooks them every year. They turn into sprout mush the moment you pop one into your mouth. Next year, I’m going to take that job over but this time around, I was responsible for the Roast Potatoes (a hit all round, after I spent a month perfecting  the technique).



The downside to having kids round for Christmas, is that the cats disappear. Today though, with everyone clustered in the dining room for a long period, I found Murphy hiding under the tree and he came out very briefly to say hi and pose for this postcard worthy photograph…



As he snoozed under the tree, and everyone else played board games on the dining room table, I snuggled up in the armchair to work on the socks I cast on Christmas Eve. I’ve finished one of them already, but my sister has since decided she wants them. As I’m leaving in two days time, I have only a day to do the second sock. Perfectly doable, I would think.


Admittedly, the knitting has been somewhat piecemeal today with the little ones running around. I’m told that this is a wifi unicorn that transmits messages via an online app. How crazy is that? Even cuddly toys are techified these days, but Aunty Lisa has no idea how to set it up (or even if it’s a safe idea to do so…).

In case you were wondering – I alluded to this above – I managed to finish the Silbereffekt Socks for my aunt the morning of Christmas Eve. They fit perfectly (phew) and she wore them all day. Next year, I’m resolving not to leave it so late because it’s soooo nerve wracking when you haven’t got a backup present to give. Maybe I should rethink that…


It has been a very long, noisy and busy day. But fun, particularly with the kids all running round playing with their presents from Santa.  Nothing beats the excitement of kids at Christmas, even when you have only had five hours sleep. With that in mind, I am just about to head off to bed.

But, before I go, check out the little cowboy who has been runnng around tonight. He’s just come back from Disneyland – where he met Woody and melted all hearts in doing so – and came back with Woody PJs. What he didn’t know, until tonight, is that my parents secretly bought back a pullstring Woody doll as well. He’s barely put him down this evening and has been going loco shouting “I’ve got a snake in my boots” and “Howdy Partner!” at random intervals.


Cute eh? Can you tell he loves having his photo taken? 😉


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