2016: A Year in Projects

As the New Year approaches, I am sat in my favourite chair in the Living Room with a glass of prosecco and some nibbles. Next to me, are the pair of socks I cast on for my sister on Christmas Eve and which I am just about to finish. Whilst I won’t be able to include this final item in time for midnight, I thought that I would post a round up of some of the projects I completed in 2016….

(If you would like to find out more about any of them, clicking on the links below the collages – working a row at a time, from left to right – will take you to the Ravelry project page.)

Socks of 2016

1. Crackle Socks | 2. Holiday Socks | 3. Neon Beach Socks | 4. Mum’s Birthday Socks | 5. Gryffindor Socks | 6. Tonsillitis Socks    | 7. Everyday Socks  | 8. Ravenclaw Socks | 9. Rainbow Striped Socks

I must be honest here – there are a few items (three pairs of socks and a pair of gloves, to be precise) missing from this round up, as due to my illness, I completely forgot to take photographs of them once they were finished. Oops! In 2017, I’m making it a personal goal to ensure that I take proper photos of all my projects to ensure I have a nice up-to-date record of what I’ve made.

10. Laura’s Ravenclaw Socks | 11. Rainbow Sherbet Socks | 12. 15 Stripe Rainbow Socks | 13. Advent Socks #1 | 14. Christmas Confetti Socks |16. Silbereffekt Socks

Earlier in the week, I admitted that socks are my favourite item to knit so it is no surprise to me that they dominate my projects for this year. As you can see below, I do create other things and in 2017 I would like to make a few more non-sock related items and try to stretch my skills a bit more than I’ve been able to this year.

17. Little Hoodlum #1 | 18. Little Hoodlum #2 | 19. Chance of Snow | 20. Snowman Jumper

I knitted two baby sweaters this year: one for my cousin’s baby born, and another for a colleague. I also made two items for myself:  the Chance of Snow cardigan, as my workmates will attest, has been worn very regularly and I currently count it as one of my favourite items of clothing. My Snowman Jumper – which was actually started in 2015, but put aside when I realised I wouldn’t get it done in time for that Christmas – has received a lot of admiration when I’ve worn it. I have to admit though, that I really hated the very badly written pattern I used and I’ll probably steer away from ever using it again.

After seeing all of the above, it will probably come as a bit of a surprise to you that the item I am most proud of completing – both this year, or, well, ever – is actually not knitted. Or crocheted. And it wasn’t even started in 2016. Or even, 2015. No, the item I am referring to is actually this cross stitched picture of Henry VIII…

Henry VIII Cross Stitch
I started this, we think, way back in 2003 or 2004. I am not the most diligent embroiderer – I much prefer working with yarn –  and this was regularly worked on in the summer months and then put aside for years on end. And then, whilst I was on holiday in Majorca this year, I finally finished it.

This picture is the single most time consuming project I’ve ever embarked on. It is charged full of emotion, as I remember passing it over to my grandmother for her to complete the French knots and some of the backstitching. She passed away in 2012, and when I finally finished the picture, it upset me to know that she never lived to see it finished. In all honesty, I only finished it because my father asked me when I would do so, right as I was packing to go away on holiday. He is the one that I gave it to, as it is the only one of my handmade items that he has ever been impressed by, and it now hangs on the wall in my parents living room.

Well, as my eyes are watering from having written the above, I am going to refill my glass and put on a feelgood film.

I am not going to be sad to see the back of 2016, as, I suspect, neither are many other people.

Have a very Happy New Year, I will see you in 2017!


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