Pattern: Phone Sock

Confession time!

I am one of those people, who still cannot get on board with the idea of using my iPhone to listen to music/audiobooks/podcasts. Unfortunately, since I got my first iPhone back in 2008, the battery life still hasn’t improved enough for me to be able to use it for these things unless I’m sat at my desk (i.e. next to a charger) all day.

Most of the time, if I want to listen to music on the go, I still reach for my trusty iPod Classic. Why wouldn’t I? it has my entire music and audiobook library on it, I can listen to it without using data up (or needing a signal) and the battery life is awesome. Whilst listening to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast this weekend, I noticed that my iPod cover was pretty shabby.

So, after raiding my sock yarn scrap box, this is what I came up with….

To make this, you will need:

  • Double pointed needles to produce a slightly tighter-than-usual tension (I tend to use 2.25mm for socks, so for this I opted for 2mms)
  • Leftover/scrap sock or 4-ply yarn
  • Darning needle
  1. Cast on, using the long tail method, 52 stitches. This should produce a sock wide enough to cover an iPod Classic/Touch, iPhone 5/6/7 or the standard smartphone.
  2. Join to knit in the round and begin K2, P2 rib.
  3. Continue and work 4.5 – 5.5 inches in length. Measure up the length against your phone/iPod to ensure it is long enough. You will want it to be slightly longer than the device, to ensure the top is properly covered.
  4. Once you have reached the ideal length, cut the yarn with sufficient length to graft/kitchener with (about 50cm).
  5. Graft the two sides of the sock together. If you are not sure how to do this with ribbing, Stolen Stitches provides an excellent tutorial. Please note though, that columns of stitches, when grafted, don’t line up perfectly. They stagger a half-stitch. This isn’t obvious when using plain stocking-stitch but is more clear with ribbing. Don’t worry though – it’s not terribly obvious unless you look really closely!

iPod Sock

It goes without saying that you can make this larger or smaller by increasing or decreasing the stitch count. 52 stitches will cover the width of most devices though, and the finished phone sock is super stretchy!

I highly recommend these as way to use up leftover sock yarns, and self-striping in particular. It should only take you a couple of hours to make the sock, so they make excellent last minute gifts and stocking fillers come Christmas time.


I don’t charge for any of my patterns, tutorials or similar. If you’d like to say thank you, the cost of a cup of coffee/glass of wine would be very much appreciated 🙂


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