When things just won’t work out

Have you ever had a pattern that you really love the look of, but despite endless attempts, couldn’t make it suit/fit you?

Well, one of mine is Leyburn Socks. Don’t they look beautiful?

I first tried knitting these back in 2014. I should have learned the first time, because as with my first attempt, I couldn’t get the sock above to go over my instep and heel. Last weekend, I was so determined to make it work that I knit the heel on the above sock twice. No matter what I tried – loose stranding, needle sizing up, using an adapted version of the pattern with a gusset heel – I just couldn’t get them to fit me.

I’ve nosed around on Ravelry, and the ‘tightness’ caused by the Quilted lattice pattern has caused quite a few others to have issues with fit. In most cases though, it doesn’t seem that getting them to fit is completely in possible. I suspect the key issue here is the shape and size of my feet; I’m a UK 7/EU 41/US 10/-10.5, have a high instep and broad feet with skinny bony ankles. Triangular feet, if you will. This is a problem I’ve had before with my Doc Marten’s Mary Jane Shoes: I struggle to buckle them up over my instep.

I’m so disappointed. As you may see, the Quilted Lattice pattern goes beautifully with my chosen yarn.

Yarn: Countess Ablaze Lady Persephone Sock  Colourway: This Ain’t a Scene (right)

Initially I was going to gift the ill-fitting Leyburns to my aunt, but on reflection wasn’t sure they’d even fit over her instep. On Monday evening, I made the somewhat gutting decision to frog them and go for a different pattern. I’m not sure who the recipient will be yet, but based on how unwell I’ve been lately, I may take them for myself as a bit of a treat.

I won’t lie – I really, really love the yarn. And I love the Leyburn Pattern too.

If it wasn’t for my clunky old feet….

Stitch Pattern: Roman Rib, using basic sock top-down sock pattern across 60sts

 Have you had any disappointing projects or patterns lately?

Or knitted a pair of Leyburns?


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