~ Each week, Knitters and Crocheters around the world join Ginny to share their love of crafting and reading by posting a picture of the project they are currently working on, along with their current read. My contribution is below. ~ I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I am a Historian by training and that… View Post

In the world of Knitters on Instagram, casting on a new pair of socks on Christmas Eve has become a bit of tradition thanks to Dani over at Little Bobbins. I admit I was quite behind the times, as 2016 was my first time participating and was precipitated by my sister feeling left out of… View Post

As the New Year approaches, I am sat in my favourite chair in the Living Room with a glass of prosecco and some nibbles. Next to me, are the pair of socks I cast on for my sister on Christmas Eve and which I am just about to finish. Whilst I won’t be able to… View Post

Each knitter, I believe,  has a favourite project type – whether it be hats, shawls or something else. It should be pretty clear (understatement much?) by now, that I’ve got a slight obsession with knitting socks. At any one time, I’ve got at least two pairs in progress and to be quite honest, it’s usually more… View Post

Merry Christmas everyone! How has your day been? I’m spending Christmas with my parents, who have my sister and her family over to stay as well. With two kids, aged 3 and 6 in the house, as you can probably imagine our day started pretty early..

Over the last few years it has become a bit of a tradition that, for each birthday, I knit my mother a pair of socks. I’ve always tried to do the same for Christmas too, but I didn’t quite manage it last year.  I’d like to think that these compensate for that!   The mock… View Post

Of all the weeks in the year, this must be the worst one in which to become hooked into a book…   Last weekend, after much longing, I treated myself to a new Kindle: the Kindle Voyage.  Whilst I was setting it up, I had the chance to review all of the eBooks that have… View Post

I’m back and (finally) fully recovered from my long-awaited tonsillectomy. Just in time too, because look what has arrived in time for Advent….   I missed out on one last Christmas, so I was positively determined to get one this year… This is the Opal Sock Yarn Advent Calendar. Each day, during Advent, I will… View Post

There’s always a story behind a pair of knitted socks…. For the last three months, in part due to the severe stress/difficulties alluded to in previous posts, I’ve found myself suffering with recurrent and severe tonsillitis. As soon as I recovered from one case, it would come straight back. It has twice led to hospitalisation with IV antibiotics,… View Post

Today, I’m delighted to show you all the crochet blanket I am working on….   Now I must admit that, when it comes to crochet, my projects tend to take a lot longer than any knitting ones. In part, this is because I’ve been able to knit for far longer than I’ve been able to… View Post